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Canadian Route Add-Ons

Enhance Your Journey


See and do more on your journey with our curated add-on options before or after your Canadian Rocky Mountaineer journey. We’ve partnered with trusted local tour and transportation providers that highlight the best sights, scenery, and activities in each of our destinations. 

Sightseeing Transfers

Explore even more of the Canadian Rockies with a guided sightseeing transfer between destinations, with activities or attractions along the way. Choose from half day or full day transfers, and private or guided motorcoach transfer options. 

Sightseeing Transfer Add-On Options


Book a transfer for a quieter, more direct travel experience, before or after your train journey. Options include to and from a major international airport, in-between destinations, and motorcoach or private transfers. 

Transfer Add-On Options

Day Tours

Experience the best sights and attractions of the National Parks in the Canadian Rockies with a guided sightseeing tour. Choose from private or guided motorcoach day tour options. 

Day Tour Add-On Options

Have Questions?

We are here to give you all the answers you need to make your journey extraordinary. 

For more information, pricing, or to book an add-on for your journey, our Vacation Consultants are available to help at anytime.

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