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Calgary, Alberta
Population: (Metro) 1,214,839

Giddy Up!

Saddling the border between cosmopolitan oasis and cowboy-country, Calgary is a thriving city that dishes out an extra serving of down-home hospitality to every visitor. So grab your cowboy boots and wander through Calgary's green rolling foothills or explore the city's high-end shopping scene and transform into your own version of a modern day cowboy.

Things to do:

The Calgary Stampede

Make sure to practice your 'yeehaw's' and 'stick 'em ups' before visiting The Calgary Stampede, an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival held every July.

Heritage Park Historical Village

Travel back in time to a pioneer town staffed by costumed "villagers" and see how this town between the praires and towering Rockies came to be.