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- Your Canadian Rockies Adventure Awaits -

Sink back in your comfortable seat and prepare to revel in the panoramic views of remarkable scenery. Let us whisk you away to a world of incomparable beauty. Where words like incredible and amazing fail to do the journey justice

First Class at Every Turn

  • Travel Stress Free
    We consider ourselves stewards of your adventure, and will ensure you enjoy unparalleled service on and off the tracks.
  • Each location more beautiful than the next
    Your onboard entertainment has been thousands of years in the making. Prepare yourself for the jaw-dropping views Mother Nature will treat you to.
  • Entertaining and informative stories
    Our onboard Hosts are brimming with knowledge. You and your fellow passengers will learn about the land, its history, and the animals that call it home, over a glass (or two) of local wine.

Prepare to be Pampered

  • All the food you can eat and then some
    Enjoy fresh locally sourced food prepared by our onboard chefs, fine wine, and gourmet refreshments throughout your journey.
  • Sleep tight. Every night.
    Maintaining a constant state of awe can get tiring. When it’s time to sleep, we’ll transport you to a variety of fine hotels in iconic destinations.
  • Life is about the journey, but the destination is fun too.
    Whenever the train pulls into the station, you will find yourself somewhere enchanting. Explore the stunning cities and mountain towns of Seattle, Vancouver, Whistler, Lake Louise, Banff and Jasper.

- What our Guests Say About Us On Trip Advisor -

"Loved every minute of my Silver Leaf trip between Banff and Vancouver. Great staff, great service, great food and plenty of beverages. Seeing the Canadian Rockies for the first time aboard the Rocky Mountaineer was simply awesome - from start to finish! Will go back for sure!"
- Manon B

"If you want to see and experience Canada definitely go on the Rocky Mountainer train trip sit at a comfortable seat with panoramic views of fantastic scenery and wild life while being entertained fed and watered!"
- Peter R

"I cannot rate this highly enough. Everything was of the highest standard from the marvellous organisation the friendly staff and the comfort of the train to the unbelievable scenery. A trip of a life time not to be missed!"
- Anne G

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