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Mobility & Accessibility

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We make it as easy as possible for guests using wheelchairs to get on, off and around our coaches. Please read through the information below to see how we can accommodate your particular needs.

Rocky Mountaineer transfer motorcoaches will do their best to take you as close to your coach as possible. In situations where this may not be possible we are able to assist you with a wheelchair on the platform. Please notify a team member if you would prefer your personal wheelchair and we will try our best to accommodate. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff for pre-boarding assistance of any kind.

After you have comfortably boarded the train, your wheelchair will be transported separately to your destination ready for you when you arrive. Wheelchairs will need to be able to fold down into pieces of 50lbs or less for the health and safety of our employees transporting them. The same guidance as above applies for the use of scooters.

For guests who can transfer from a wheelchair to regular seat

We use a hydraulic lift to transfer you onto the train in your own wheelchair. Your wheelchair needs to be 23-inches (or less) wide to fit through the doorway. From there, we can transfer you onto a 15-inch-wide wheelchair that lets you move easily down the aisle of the railcar. Alternatively, if your wheelchair exceeds the measurements above, we can transfer you into our wheelchair prior to boarding the train. Our wheelchair can be used to transfer to the dining room (in GoldLeaf Service) as well as the washroom. We’ll make sure that you’re assigned to a rail car with an ADA Washroom that has wider doorways and grab bars. We can accommodate guests transferring from a wheelchair to regular seat in all service levels.

For guests using wheelchairs full-time

We use a hydraulic lift or a ramp to transfer you onto the train. Your wheelchair needs to be 23-inches (or less) wide to fit through the doorway. We can accommodate full-time wheelchair users with the use of tie-downs, in SilverLeaf Service only. There are a limited number of rail cars with the tie-down feature, and while we will do our best to accommodate, this could restrict travel dates available to you. Meals will be served at the comfort of your seat, and we’ll make sure that you’re assigned to a train car with an ADA Washroom with wider doorways and grab bars.

Hydraulic lift may not be available on motorcoach transfers and sightseeing tours

Please note that our hydraulic lift will not be available for motorcoach transfers and sightseeing tours. If you’re not able to board the motorcoach with minor assistance, please let us know at least 60 days ahead of time and we will do our best to arrange handy-van taxi transfers. Please note handy-van taxis are extremely limited in Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and Quesnel, and are not available in Moab or Glenwood Springs. Inability to board a coach may limit our ability to offer sightseeing tours on coaches, but private tours could be an option.

Mobility and accessibility on sightseeing tours

We partner with the very best local tour providers to offer the sightseeing tours and excursions included in our curated packages. Our tour provider partners will do everything they can to accommodate any special needs, however depending on the type of sightseeing tour and activities included, each of our tour partners have different abilities to meet mobility and accessibility needs. Please complete the Mobility Requirements Form, and speak to your Vacation Consultant or travel professional to discuss how our tour partners can accommodate your needs.

Accessible hotel room availability

We can also explore the availability of accessible hotel rooms - equipped with grab bars or shower stools or roll-in showers if required. You’ll need to request accessible rooms when you make your booking so we can confirm availability of this specialized inventory with our hotel partners. As they do have limited accessible room options, it may be necessary to seek out alternate hotels.

Let us know what you need when you book your trip

Help us make your journey a memorable one by letting us know your mobility and accessibility needs when you book. Please complete our Mobility Requirements Form so that we have all the information we need to accommodate your needs.

If we missed anything, please contact us for additional information.